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Emergency Drinking Water – How much should I have for Earthquake Disaster Preparedness?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Make sure to prepare three gallons of water for each person. Also, don't forget to store water for your precious pets!

Water is one of the most important items to have in your Earthquake Survival 72 Hour Go Bag.

You should store at least three gallons (11.4 liters) of water for each person when preparing your Earthquake Survival Kits.  

Used conservatively, this 3 gallon supply of water should last for three days (72 hours) per person.  

A family of four should have 12 gallons of water (4 people x 3 gallons) to last them through the critical three day period  immediately following a disaster. This is a time when clean water supplies can be adversely affected and safe drinking water is either limited or non-existent.

During these first 72 hours following an earthquake or some other natural disaster, you will want to encourage each person to ration their water supply to a 1/2 gallon for drinking and 1/2 for cleaning, cooking, etc… each day.  

If you find that you have to evacuate ‘on foot’ without a practical method to carry the suggested amount of water, plan to take enough water just for drinking... to last you for three days.  Be practical and conservative in your water consumption to ensure the quantity of water you were able to carry lasts through the first 72 hours.

Storing three (3) gallons of water at home for each family member can be easily done.  However, if you have to evacuate and walk several miles or kilometers to safety, carrying large, heavy bottles of water may not be possible, especially if you have little children with you.

Therefore, we recommend that you store a portion of your family’s drinking water supply in your Personal Earthquake Survival “72 Hour” Go Bags.  

Instead of trying to fit a couple of large bottles of water in your bag, you may find the smaller, light-weight, long lasting Emergency Drinking Water pouches will be easier to manage.  They fit much easier in the limited space of your Personal Emergency Survival Kit and their long five year shelf-life requires much less maintenance when it comes to refreshing your water supply. Also, the light weight of these pouches will prove beneficial when you have to evacuate by walking!

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