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Emergency Survival Supplies for Your Car, Truck or SUV

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

As part of your emergency preparedness, don't forget to assemble an emergency survival kit for your automobile. Having a small bag or backpack with the following supplies will prove beneficial if you are not able to go back home to retrieve your Emergency Survival Kit or if you end up having to walk because the roads and highways are closed down. These supplies will also be very useful if you vehicle breaks down in a remote place and help is not readily available.

Some Basic Supplies to have:


- The Mylar Blanket is great as it will stay clean in its wrapping until you use it and it will not collect mildew or mold over time.

Bottled Water

- Keep at least a few bottled waters or the five (5) year long lasting emergency water pouches in your survival kit.

Small First Aid Kit for your vehicle

- Keep this in your glove compartment or in your survival bag.

Pre-moistened towelettes -

-Keep these in your survival bag; make sure to change them out once every two (2) years if the package is not opened. After opening a package, it is recommended that you replace it within three months. Here's a brand that many like... Members Mark Total Protection Premium Washcloths.

Flashlight with spare batteries - keep these in your glove compartment.

Extra Pair of Prescription Glasses

- Keep an extra pair of prescription glasses in your glove compartment or survival bag.

Toilet Tissue

- Keep at least two rolls of paper for you know.... You can laugh .... until you need to....

Food (Non-perishable)

- At least once a month, throw a few nutrition bars, trail mix, etc... in your glove compartment. Before it expires, buy more... put them into your glove compartment and eat the ones that are about to expire. The goal is to always have a few non-perishable snacks in vehicle at all times.

Emergency (Loud) Whistle

- Keep this in your survival bag. Using the whistle when you are trapped or lost will help get the attention of rescuers or a passerby.

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