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Lifestraw Personal Water Filters - Safe Drinking Water after Your Emergency Water Supply is gone...

Many who enjoy the serious wilderness hikes in places like our nation’s National Park System know about the benefits of having a personal portable water filter or water purification tablets.

Having a Lifestraw Personal Water Filter or something similar during a catastrophic natural disaster when drinking water is in short supply could make a big difference for you and your loved ones.  

If you already have one, make sure its in good working condition and know where to find it in case you have to quickly evacuate.


We are reminded to have at least three days worth of safe drinking water as part of our Emergency Supplies.

However, what happens when the catastrophic aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake lasts long enough where you use up all of your Emergency Water supply?

Our hope is that FEMA or some other disaster relief agency will come to the rescue. But, many still remembering the challenges that the residents of New Orleans and Puerto Rico experienced... have decided to include a personal water filter in their emergency supply kit. When the stored water runs out, these lightweight portable filters can be used to turn dirty, contaminated water into clean drinking water.

Ironically, during a hurricane, severe storm or other flooding disasters, your home and community may be overwhelmed and submerged in water. Unfortunately, water being everywhere can result in situations where drinking water becomes very scarce as the flooding disrupts and contaminates safe drinking water supplies (municipal water delivery infrastructure or private water wells). With a personal water filter or purification solution, you can take all of the plentiful "dirty" water and make it potable (safe and clean for drinking).

If you would like to learn more about how they work and read some customer reviews, here’s one on Amazon…. the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter.

Also, check out the Lifestraw Water Filter Bottle version of the personal water filtering solution!

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