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Mylar Blankets (aka Space Blankets) - Should I include it in my Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit?

Some call them Space Blankets. Others call these Emergency or Mylar Blankets. Why are they so popular? Should I have them in my Emergency Disaster Kit?

If you are interested in learning more about how these blankets were developed, make sure to Google "Mylar Blankets" or "Space Blankets"

For this post, we will primarily focus on two key questions regarding Mylar Blankets.

1. Why are these blankets popular?

2. How are they useful in Emergency situations?

Why are these blankets popular and why are they useful?

The simple answer is because they are light-weight, inexpensive and work very well! Many call it the "Space Blanket" because it was created as a result of NASA technology advances made back in the early 1970's. The blankets look like thin sheets of foil. And when you see one for the first time, you're thinking 'no way that thin piece of aluminum looking foil keeps anyone warm.' But guess again! These blankets, also known as solar, emergency or just plain Mylar blankets do keep you warm and do a good job! In fact, they will keep you warmer than many of us expect.

Being light-weight, compact and effective in keeping you either warm or cool, they are popular with the astronauts at NASA, staff at major hospitals, and even the serious wilderness hikers to name just a few categories of individuals that use these blankets. When folded, the Mylar Blanket can be less than 4" x 4" (about the size of a deck of playing cards) and can fold out to being large enough to cover a tall person 52" x 82".

Here's is one of the more popular Mylar Blankets found on Amazon - check out the reviews, weight and dimensions.

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