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Portable Heater - Some may consider it an essential item for your Emergency Supplies.

When it comes to confirming the inventory of our emergency supplies for disaster preparedness, many of us focus on the supplies needed for our Emergency 72-Hour Go Bag. This backpack, also known as our Emergency Survival Kit, is what we would grab when we need to quickly evacuate from our homes.

However, even when natural disasters strike, there are times when the authorities recommend securely sheltering in your home. It's during these times, when you are at home and the electricity, gas and water is no longer working, that you star to truly appreciate the benefits of your disaster preparedness plan and the prior preparation of the emergency supplies for your home.

When preparing emergency disaster supplies for our homes, most of us are focused on the essential supplies like having at least a five (5) to seven (7) days supply of potable water for our family. And we make sure to stock up on enough non-perishable foods and other essential supplies to last us for a full week or more.

Interestingly, when it comes to certain supplies outside of the category of food and water, what may seem to be essential to some may be considered a non-essential, convenience supply to others.

Take for example a non-electric portable heater. If you live in Hawaii, maybe not so important. During October through parts of April, if you live in parts of US Eastern Seaboard (Maine to Florida), Central and Northern California, Oregon, Washington and of course Alaska… maybe very important!

The point is… don’t overlook the benefits of having a small portable heater that can keep you and your family warm even when the electricity and gas is out in your neighborhood.

The one that we personally own and that works very well for us is the Mr. Heater Buddy brand. It’s indoor safe! They are many other brands you can choose to purchase so be sure to do your own research. Make sure the make and model you decide to purchase is indoor safe and not electric powered! Although it’s a part of our home emergency earthquake supply inventory, we use this portable heater when we go camping and when we are at home to just heat up a room for a few hours when we don’t want to run the main heater to warm up the entire house.

The model we have is the Mr. Heater Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater.

Make sure the portable heater you purchase has:

· Indoor Safe rating! (listing this again because this is so very important; you don’t want deadly fumes indoors)

· Auto shut-off if tipped over

· Auto shut-off if the pilot light goes out

· Auto shut-off if low oxygen levels are detected

When we take our portable heater camping, we always get compliments about how well it works. When our friends have asked about getting one for themselves, we have directed them to check the prices and reviews on Amazon first… and often, after they see the many positive reviews, they end up purchasing their own.

Whether you purchase the Mr. Buddy brand or some other make and model, if an emergency disaster situation occurs when the weather is cold, you will be glad to have added a small portable heater to your home emergency supply list.

Click here or the image below to see the reviews on Amazon.

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