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Should I buy my Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit online or make my own?

The answer can depend on several factors. Here are just a few reasons why some choose to create their own Earthquake Survival Packs...

Earthquake Survival Kits... Buy Online or Make Yourself?

Why Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit?

If you or a family member has special needs, making our own personal Earthquake Survival Kit could prove to be the best option.

Does someone in your family require a special diet due to their health? Are you or one of your family members allergic to certain foods? Will buying the Emergency Supplies in bulk and making your own Emergency Kits be more economical for the size of your family? Do you want your Emergency 72-hour Earthquake Go Bags to last for five days instead of the usual three days? Or maybe you need to make an Emergency Survival Kit for your Pets?

These are just a few compelling reasons why many have chosen to buy their supplies at local stores like Walmart, Target or online retailers like Amazon to make their personal Disaster Preparedness Emergency Survival Kits. By making our own Earthquake Survival Kits using an Emergency Supplies Checklist, we ensure our own special concerns and needs are addressed. Imagine finding out during an disaster crisis that you're allergic to the food that was prepackaged with a survival kit you purchased. Or how would you feel if you simply neglected to prepare a supply of survival essentials for your precious pets?

“For many of us with special needs, making our own personal Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit could prove to be the best option...."

Whether you decide to make your own Disaster Survival Kit using Emergency Supplies you personally purchased or you decide to purchase an already assembled Emergency Survival Kit, the important thing is to make sure you prepare as soon as possible. We cannot predict when and how the next big earthquake will personally affect us. Remember, the ones you love are precious... so, don't neglect their safety and act now!

If you are looking to purchase an Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit, check out some of the more popular ones on Amazon. Simply tap or click on the picture of the Survival Kit.

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