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Survival Kit - Purchase regular bottled water or buy Emergency Water Pouches?

Yes, it is okay to use grocery store purchased bottled water in your Survival Kit. However, some believe that using the Emergency Water Pouches could be a better choice.

Yes, it is absolutely okay to use grocery store purchased bottled water in your Survival Kit.  However, some believe that using the Emergency Water Pouches could be a better choice. Why do they say this?  

One reason is because the Emergency Water Pouch often has the word ‘Emergency’ stamped on it.  The theory is this label can work to prevent you from prematurely depleting your emergency water supply.  Much like when we avoid using doors that read ‘Emergency Exit Only’, the Emergency label on the water pouch can discourage us from ‘borrowing’ water from our Earthquake Survival Kit when our everyday, regular drinking water supply runs low.  You know how that works… You’re on a road trip and forget to bring some water.  Solution?  Just grab the ones in the Survival Kit found in the trunk of the car… we can replace them later…  (if you remember!).

The second reason is about taste preferences.  You may have noticed the ‘best used by’ or ‘expiration’ dates stamped on bottled water.  Often, these dates are 18 or 24 months from when the water was originally bottled.  Interestingly, whether there’s a date on the bottle or not, according to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)... bottled water is considered to have an indefinite safety shelf life when it is produced in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Process quality standard regulations and is stored in an unopened, properly sealed container. Therefore, FDA does not require an expiration date for bottled water.  So, why the expiration date?  Let’s discuss that story in another post…  For now, we’ll go back to answering why some feel using the Emergency Water Pouches over regular bottled water is the better choice.

Remember, even after several years of storage, both bottled water and the Emergency Water Pouches will be safe to drink. However, when it comes to bottled water, here are some considerations about its taste after an extended period of storage…

  • When bottled water is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, algae or mold can possibly develop. Although this is not a general safety concern for your health, the taste of your bottled water may be affected.  Therefore, storing water in a cool place out of direct sunlight helps to keep the water tasting fresher and cleaner.

  • Although bottled water is packaged in sanitary, sealed plastic containers that maintain the quality and freshness of the product, the plastic containers are slightly permeable.  Therefore, over a period of time, this allows ambient air gases such as vapors from household solvents, petroleum-based fuels and other chemicals, to affect the taste and odor of your water. To help reduce the chances of this from happening, make sure to store your water away from chemicals and other substances that could negatively affect its taste.

So, if you are keen on making sure your potable emergency supply of water maintains a slightly better taste, consider either going with the Emergency Water Pouch or you can simply make sure to keep your bottled water supply out of direct sunlight and away from household chemicals.

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