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Your First Aid supplies are a very important part of your Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit.

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It's very important to have a first aid kit as part of your Emergency Earthquake Survival Kit.

Make sure to store your first aid supplies in an easy to carry, water-proof container, bag or backpack.  This will help keep the contents sterile and clean.  

If you search for ‘First Aid Kits for Sale‘ online, you may find many of the kits come in either a plastic container or water resistant carry bag to protect the supplies. Before you buy a First Aid Kit, make sure it is water-proof.

So, what should my First Aid Kit contain?

Hydrogen Peroxide used to wash and disinfect wounds

Antiseptic wipes (non-sting)

Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin, Polysporin, etc.)

Individually packaged Alcohol Pads & Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips, etc.)

Bandages (Band-Aid and Ace Bandages)

Guaze (roll and dressing pads)

Roll of  Adhesive Tape for securing bandages

Small Scissors and Tweezers

Instant Cold Compress Packs for ankle, arm and shoulder sprains

Splinting Material to stabilize, protect and support sprains and injuries

Latex Vinyl Gloves (3 pairs)

Aspirin & other ‘over the counter’ pain relief medication

Hand Sanitizer and Sanitary wipes (Purell, Wet Ones, etc.)

Eye drops

Women’s sanitation pads

Diarrhea medication (Imodium, Pepto Bismol, Kaopectate, etc.)

Emergency First Aid Instruction Guide

Keep at least one week supply of prescription medication in a place where you can easily access it if you have to evacuate.  Some suggest putting the supply in a refrigerator (if the medication allows for this) to protect it from being consumed in a fire or becoming water logged during a disaster.

In addition to having a small first aid kit in your Emergency Survival Kit "Go Bag", be sure to have one for your home and car.

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